Workplace safety training

Our experienced workplace safety consultants provide workplace health and safety training to help your company achieve regulatory compliance.


Training is essential in making your team's safety a priority and to encourage thinking of safety protocols as a part of daily practices, that might just save their lives.

Pricing based on type of training,
class size and business volume


Doing business in Western Colorado since 2003


"Melody Keane has done all our safety training for well over 10 years.  She is very professional and knows her course content exceptionally well.  Our employees are very comfortable with her and come out of her classes well trained and confident in what they have learned.  She is great at setting up a special class for us if necessary.  I enjoy working with Melody, we are fortunate to have her as our safety training expert."

Diane Fugate, CFO

Skyline Contracting, Inc.


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