ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, are third-party contractor management systems that many oil & gas and pipeline operators utilize to pre-qualify their contractors and vendors by reviewing and verifying the contractor/vendor’s insurance, workers comp, safety training, and safety programs.

The National Compliance Management System (NCMS™) assists many oil & gas and pipeline operators with the contractor qualification process regarding the contractor’s alcohol and drug policies and testing procedures.

Third-party contractor management services can be frustrating and time consuming!  We can guide your company through the process and achieve approval in the fastest manner possible.  Each company’s needs are different.  Some have a blank slate to start with while others only are hung up in one or two areas. 

Our pricing reflects what your company needs to receive a passing score for the pre-qualification review.  Let us help you unlock the process!

Keane on Safety, Inc. is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®,
PEC Premier™ or NCMS™

About ISNetworld®

ISNetworld® is an online contractor management database created for the purpose of streamlining companies’ and contractors’ prequalification process. ISNetworld® collects contractors’ health and safety, and regulatory information and assigns a grade for Owner/Clients (companies requiring contractors to be ISNetworld® compliant) to review. This provides Owner/Clients the opportunity to select contractors that best meet regulatory and internal requirements. The benefit for contractors is a centralized prequalification database accessible by hundreds of potential clients, saving time and increasing industry presence.

In order to become compliant with ISNetworld®, contractors must compile and submit all necessary documentation related to health and safety, regulatory compliance and specific industry requirements. Information and documents such as Review and Verification Services (RAVS®), incident logs, insurance, Experience Modification Rate (EMR) letters, and additional supporting documents (depending on the contractor’s industry) are reviewed by ISNetworld® before it is evaluated and in most cases, assigned a grade or score.


Navigating and maintaining the ISNetworld® database can be a complicated and time consuming process. It is important for contractors to get the best grade possible. A contractor’s low or failing score may result in the contractor’s ineligibility to work for the Owner/Client.


Keane on Safety provides assistance with ISNetworld® to include:

  • completing the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ™)

  • developing a RAVS® and OSHA compliant safety program

  • reviewing and submitting required documents, (OSHA 300 Logs, EMR Letter, etc.)

  • acting as liaison between ISNetworld® and insurance agencies

  • developing action plans to improve unsatisfactory grades

  • maintaining the day-to-day ISNetworld® compliance

  • collecting and uploading monthly, quarterly, yearly statistics and documents

  • providing ongoing assistance with account management and maintenance

Note: RAVS® provide a brief overview of the content that is contained in a contractor’s safety program.


ISN®, ISNetworld®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.

About PEC Premier™

PEC Premier™ is a third party organization that verifies contractors in the oil, gas and petroleum industry as compliant according to various safety standards and regulations set by state and federal regulations.  PEC Premier™ uses a contractor’s company history, safety and training statistics and evaluates them based on the specific requirements of the participating Oil & Gas Operators.  The information submitted to PEC Premier™ creates a report card for the contractor.

Keane on Safety assists contractors so they may achieve the best report card allowed by their statistical history. Contractors should note that some grades can only be raised with time while others can be improved with effective safety programs and training.

To help navigate the PEC Premier™ process, Keane on Safety offers:

  • assistance to complete the Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ)

  • review and submission of OSHA 300 Logs

  • write safety programs to PEC Premier™ and OSHA standards

  • provide ongoing management and maintenance of SSQ 

  • upload Training Tracker documents

 About NCMS™ 

National Compliance Management Services (NCMS™) assists Oil & Gas Operators, in the contractor qualification process.  There are two separate divisions within NCMS™ to meet the needs of this process:

DOT/PHMSA: This division concentrates on monitoring the contract companies to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of DOT/PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration).

Client Required: This division was designed to provide contractor monitoring to ensure compliance with the specific drug & alcohol program requirements set by oil and gas operator clients.

Keane on Safety offers assistance with NCMS™ to:


  • complete and update your company information

  • develop and upload compliant drug & alcohol plans

  • complete and update your covered employee list, supervisor training records, and background check list

  • acting as liaison between NCMS™ and consortium/third-party administrators

  • complete and submit your semi-annual statistical data

  • review DOT and Client Required audit results

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